Chicago White Sox Will Miss Gavin Floyd's Mediocrity

By Bryan Lutz
Gavin Floyd Chicago White Sox
Rick Osentoski – USA TODAY Sports

Since Chicago White Sox pitcher Gavin Floyd left early from his start last week, there have been rumblings that the 30-year old veteran would have to get Tommy John surgery.

Well, there are no more rumblings — it’s a flat out fact. Floyd will go under the knife and will not be able to pitch again for at least 14 months. Considering that this was the last year on Gavin Floyd’s contract, one can assume the pitch that tore his UCL will be his last for the White Sox.

The fans’ relationship with Floyd was as Jekyll and Hyde as Floyd’s career was with the White Sox. It seemed like every start Floyd made for the White Sox was as up in air. In fact, Floyd’s performances were referred to as either “good Gavin” or “bad Gavin” on Twitterverse. While he was extremely frustrating to watch, there is no doubt the White Sox will miss his production.

Starting pitchers who throw 180+ innings and have a 4.30 ERA are rather valuable, and Floyd did exactly that since he was an everyday starter for the White Sox in 2008. You didn’t really know what Floyd was going to give you on any given day, but you knew at the end of the season he was going to give you 180+ innings and nearly 3.0 fWAR. Basically, he was Jon Garland with better stuff.

In regards to Gavin, it really stinks for him that he will be a free agent after this season. I can’t imagine many teams will be lining up for a pitcher who recently had Tommy John surgery. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Floyd returns to the White Sox on a cheap, one-year deal. Nevertheless, if Gavin is truly done with the White Sox, it was one wild ride — literally and figuratively.

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