Edwin Jackson Must Right Ship With Chicago Cubs

By Devin O'Barr

Edwin Jackson is known around baseball as a guy who can absolutely eat innings, but he bounced around due to average stuff and an inability to have a consistent hold on the strike zone. Jackson has never had an ERA under 3.62 for a single season, so his early campaign struggles with the Chicago Cubs shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

It has been a miserable 2013 for Jackson, who has looked like a minor league pitcher in all five starts since donning the Cubbie blue. An 0-5 record is never acceptable and despite the Cubs woeful offense, Jackson’s 6.39 ERA is not what the Cubs paid him to do.

After seven starts, the consensus in Chicago is that he is simply not hitting his spots when he needs to — this all go back to the inability to control the strike zone, thus looking like an inexperienced minor leaguer.

Not to mention, Jackson’s velocity has dropped since 2009, going from 94.5 mph in 2009 to 92.7 in 2013.

Oddly enough, the Cubs have had great starting pitching this year and the highest paid man (Jackson) has undoubtedly been the biggest and only disappointment in the rotation.

A four-year deal worth $52 million is not looking like a smart investment now, but we have seen Jackson go through slumps. After 11 years in the MLB, he also has the ability to dazzle for a month or two. One thing is for certain — the Cubs will not look highly on this move unless Jackson improves because with only two quality starts out of seven, it’s looking like a mistake.

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