Ejection of Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper Shows Nothing About His Character

By Devin O'Barr
Bryce Harper High Fives
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you screaming up and down that Bryce Harper is turning into a bad egg, you must have been chronicling the Justin Bieber demise a bit too closely. Harper is not in the news for his .312 batting average and nine home runs, because that has become the norm; instead, he is under scrutiny for becoming the 10th player all season to be ejected from a MLB game.

At 20-years-old, Harper has revitalized the Washington Nationals and his go-go-go personality is causing a concern to the pessimistic crowd. The most recent incident came on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Pirateswhere the left fielder fell victim to the worst kind of umpiring — the inconsistent variety.

In the first inning, Harper was facing Wandy Rodriguez when a borderline 1-2 pitch was ruled a ball by umpire Bob Davidson. Harper appeared to check his swing after taking the close pitch, but Davidson did not appeal to third base umpire John Hirshbeck.

With a 2-2 count, the star outfielder check swung again and this time, Davidson appealed to Hirshbeck, who ruled that Harper indeed swung and was thus called out on strikes. Obviously, this did not sit well with Harper and although replay would later show that his bat did in fact cross the plate, you can’t knock him for being upset.

Anyone who has watched even the slightest bit of Harper’s tape knows that he plays the game hard and with little to no remorse — once in a while he is going to throw a fit and get ejected, so live with it. The dreaded sophomore slump has not bit Harper as the stud has changed positions and still continues to produce both offensively and defensively.

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