New York Yankees: Is This Robinson Cano's Year?

By Chris Ronca
Robinson Cano hits a HR against the Astros
Photo Credit: The Star-Ledger

Since he began manning second base for the New York Yankees, Robinson Cano has routinely improved his production for the team year in and year out. This has seen him progress from a rookie with upside at the plate, to a consistent high-average hitter, to a guy who is a complete monster when at-bat and should be considered a most-valuable-player award candidate every single season.

Cano has been playing his best baseball for the past four years or so and has garnered two top-five finishes in the MVP voting as a result. However, he still is waiting for his turn to win the award.

That brings us to this season. Cano is currently in the top 10 in the AL in average, hits, doubles, home runs and the increasingly important WAR statistic. Not to mention that Cano is still the premier defender at his position and has two gold gloves in the past three seasons to prove it.

Above all, the writers who vote for the MVP usually don’t like voting for a player who simply has the best stats in the league. Instead, they tend to enjoy voting for guys that are truly the most VALUABLE players in the league. This year, more than any other in his career, Robinson Cano has the chance to stand out as the most valuable player on the New York Yankees and in the American League.

Due to all of the injuries and roster changes on the Yankees this season, Cano is really the only big threat in the Yankees lineup on a daily basis. Even though the Bombers will get the rest of their sluggers back as the season continues, it should not be forgotten that Cano put the team on his back early on. Also, it needs to be taken into consideration that even though the Yankees’ lineup will feature the big names later this season, those names don’t have the same abilities that they used to.

All of the stars are now aligning for Cano to finally win the AL MVP after years of toying with the idea. He just needs to somehow keep leading the Yankees towards the postseason.

Best of luck, Mr. Cano.

Chris Ronca is a New York Yankees writer for Follow him on Twitter; @ChrisRonca.

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