Oakland Athletics Run into Scalding Hot Cleveland Indians

By David Miller
oakland athletics
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know if I would consider myself a fan of the Oakland Athletics as far as being literally a fanatical cheerful supporter, but I most certainly am a fan of the way they play the game. Having paid attention a little more of late, it seems that he Athletics played extremely well against the New York Yankees and headed with a head of steam into a series with a team they have played well against; the Cleveland Indians.

Sometimes being on a winning streak or a losing streak doesn’t really matter. Hustle is hustle no matter what and sometimes a ball or a call goes against you no matter what as well. With the way the Indians have played of late, it doesn’t matter how many great bounces or calls the A’s get, they will have a difficult time trying to salvage enough of this four game set to call it a success. The Indians are playing as a well oiled cohesive unit and it shows in their winning ways.

The Athletics have a great game plan in most each game they play but it wasn’t enough in the opening game of the series. But then again you never really plan for your starter to give up four homers or for your offense to have to overcome a large deficit. It is possible but that isn’t part of anyone’s plan to win is my point. Having said all of this, it could be a wildly entertaining rest of the series between these two very good teams. I look for the Athletics to take a game but they will struggle even to get a 2 – 2 split.

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