Philadelphia Phillies: Why Did Fans Make Excuses for Roy Halladay?

By Sean O'Brien

Hero worship takes many forms. In the case of Philadelphia Phillies‘ pitcher Roy Halladay, that mentality caused some fans to abandon common sense until now.

Halladay’s admission that his shoulder has been hurting him for the past two weeks shouldn’t be taken at face value. Don’t forget that he didn’t reveal his 2012 back problems until this spring. ‘Doc’ only admitted to arm and shoulder woes last season.

With whatever he’s admitted to publicly this time around, or to himself at any point, the picture is clear. He had physical problems last season, spent time on the disabled list and generated mixed results for his team. His back, shoulder and arm also didn’t collectively regenerate during the off-season either.

We don’t really know what Halladay has admitted to the Phillies, or how he’s detailed various ailments over time. It’s plausible to believe that he didn’t publicly reveal all of his health issues last year because he’s a proud guy.

Since ‘Doc’ is excessively competitive on the mound, does it make sense to think that he didn’t want to provide an information dump? Maybe in his mind the opposition would have gained some type of extra advantage as a result.

Fans who made excuses for Halladay, while others were offering reasonable explanations for his erratic efforts, must feel naive at this point. However, being a baseball fan isn’t supposed to be a fully logical pursuit. That’s something the sabermetric crowd needs to be reminded of on a non-exact basis.

Yes, our heroes are human. We might not like to admit that, or simply choose to reject the facts that stand before us for as long as we can.

Sometimes hope is all that remains when the lights begin to fade.

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