Miami Marlins Next Step is to Play Consistent Baseball

By David Miller
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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I just wrote an article that talked about the way the Miami Marlins are improving as a team overall. They are still quite a long way from being considered good on anyone’s list however. There are multiple little reasons for this but they all add up to the same problem. They need to be more consistent in every facet of the game. The previous two games they played illustrate this fact perfectly.

The first game was a blowout. Sunday they won by double digits and completely dominated the Philadelphia Phillies 14 – 2 a day after beating them 2 – 0 in shutout fashion. That momentum carried over into the first game of the series against the San Diego Padres and fizzled out completely behind inconsistent pitching and somewhat dirty defense. Those little inconsistencies tend to show up like sore thumbs against teams that have played as well as the Padres have recently.

As a team they can’t get too low when they lose or too high when they win. Both end up hurting the team in the end. The next big step this team will take is to get mature enough to understand that they need to bring it the same every day. That little tidbit is a whole lot easier to write than it is to implement but manager Mike Redmond is not totally without veterans on the team. Those veterans should earn their keep by being managers in play sort of. They need to teach the young guys about being consistent and of course not forget to be consistent themselves.

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