Kansas City Royals Rumors: Should the Royals Make a Run At Chase Utley?

By gilgerard
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Get ready because MLB Rumors are going to start heating up, and it’s my favorite time of the year. The Kansas City Royals have been very surprising this year. I didn’t believe they’d be able to contend even after trading for James Shields so I’m eating my words a little bit there. With that being said, the AL is going to be incredibly tough and the Central Division is going to be no easier if the Royals want to get to the postseason. I personally believe they need another big bat in the middle of that lineup, and a second basemen. Luckily for the Royals, the Philadelphia Phillies have a player that could be both: Chase Utley.

I know Phillies fans are going to be very upset with this suggestion, but I think the time is now to take a look at restocking the farm system. With Roy Halladay going down, it could be the perfect opportunity. Look, it won’t be long before the Phillies are back at the top of the NL East, but they need to open up some money, re-stock the farm and get rid of their riskier players, like Utley.

Utley has been hurt so often over the last few years, he’s not a guarantee to stay healthy. He’s making quite a bit money so if he goes down again, that’s another high paid player on the DL. So wouldn’t it make sense to sell the highest on him?

What would it potentially take to get Utley? It won’t be easy, and I think a deal is going to have to be centered around stud RHP Kyle Zimmer, who has some nasty stuff and would immediately be the best arm in the Phillies’ system, which is perfect with Halladay going down. I’d then ask for Adelberto Mondesi and Elier Hernandez. Both hitters are green and need to develop, but both have very high ceilings and I think the Phillies would be able to do such thing. 

When it comes down to it, the Royals need some help if they want to get to the playoffs. They traded a ton of minor leaguers for Shields, it’s time to go all in and bring the playoffs back to Kansas City.

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