Toronto Blue Jays' J.A.Happ Hit in Head by Line Drive, Carted off Field

By Phil Naegely

J.A. Happ was pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays against the Tampa Bay Rays. He was already struggling part way through the second inning. Then the worst possible thing happened: Happ was hit in the head off a hard-hit line drive. The line drive was hit by Ray’s outfielder Desmond Jennings, who looked very scared and hurt after the ball connected with Happ’s head.

The scene at Tropicana Field became scary as medical personnel rushed onto the field. Happ’s head was bleeding heavily and the scene looked like something out of a war movie rather than a baseball field. Eventually, Happ was taken off the field on a stretcher and was replaced in the game after pitching only 1.1 innings.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of sports. It really stinks to be out injured. But it is always worse when injuries occur because of scary moments like this or injuries sustained like Kevin Ware. In this case, Happ couldn’t react in time, and who can really blame him. The ball hit was a hard hit ball that was traveling at a very fast speed.

I hope that Happ’s injury is nothing serious and that he will be back to pitching in no time. Tampa Bay and others have already tweeted their support for Happ and his recovery.

Unfortunately, freak injuries like this happen and it scares us as fans, players and coaches. It is a part of the sport, but that doesn’t make downplay the seriousness of Happ’s injury. There are at least 200 pitches in one ball game and most plays happen without harm, but there is always that slight chance something could happen, and tonight something did.

As the Blue Jays and Rays game ends, let’s hope that Happ’s injury isn’t too serious and everything turns out to be okay. He has been a stronghold to their pitching staff this season, and it would be unfortunate to lose him.

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