2013 MLB Power Rankings: Mid-May Edition

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Which Team Will be No. 1?

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We are nearing the quarter point of the 2013 MLB season and with that has come many teams that have surprised fans and some teams that were supposed to be better that are failing miserably. I’m sure that these teams will turn their seasons around in one way or another before it is all said and done but for now, it hasn’t been a fun time for those organizations. I have put together the power rankings around MLB as we approach the middle of May.

There have been a lot of changes since I did these rankings last month. There are definitely teams that have fallen off the map and others that are rushing toward the top. The team that tops these rankings is one that I didn’t think would be that good this season. It's these types of things that make the game much more enjoyable. The weather is also warming up around the country so I expect we will see more offense begin to show up which could change the fortunes of a few of these teams.

The list includes one league having four of the top five teams which should surprise no one since the power is in that specific league. I’m sure there will be disagreements about where teams are placed and everyone wants their favorite team to be much higher on the list but it’s just the way things are shaping up right now. I think this is going to be a much different list by the middle of next month. Let’s get to the MLB power rankings for the middle of May with all records and statistics through May 7.

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30. Houston Astros (9-24)

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The worst team around with the potential to lose over 110 games. Jose Altuve is the lone offensive threat with a .338 average and 17 RBIs. Chris Carter may have seven home runs but he is on pace to crush the single-season strikeout "record."

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29. Miami Marlins (10-24)

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Everyone knew that this team would have trouble winning this season and it was made worse when Giancarlo Stanton got injured. Kevin Slowey is 1-2 with a 1.81 ERA which proves how awful the offense has been as a whole.

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28. Los Angeles Angels (11-21)

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The ultimate underachieving team without any doubt through a month and a half. Josh Hamilton is hitting just .202 while Albert Pujols is batting only .231 and that's a major concern going forward.

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27. Toronto Blue Jays (13-21)

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I didn’t see this one coming. It has hurt not having Jose Reyes in the lineup but weak hitting and poor starting pitching has caused a promising team to unravel and fall to last place in the AL East.

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26. Los Angeles Dodgers (13-19)

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Here is one of the most disappointing teams in the entire league. Hanley Ramirez has played in just four games, which hasn't helped matters, while Adrian Gonzalez is carrying the offense with a .340 average and 22 RBIs.

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25. Chicago Cubs (13-20)

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The Cubs should have a better record than they do if it wasn’t for bad relief pitching. Anthony Rizzo isn’t experiencing a sophomore slump yet with nine home runs and 25 RBIs.

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24. Chicago White Sox (13-18)

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The offense has been awful in the early going at just .223 overall. That won’t win many games. Adam Dunn is hitting just .145 with 41 strikeouts in 110 at-bats.

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23. Tampa Bay Rays (14-18)

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It is hard to figure this team out. Matt Moore has been the only consistent pitcher outside of Alex Cobb. David Price must turn his season around as soon as possible.

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22. Seattle Mariners (15-19)

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Michael Morse’s hot start gave hope to fans in the Pacific Northwest but that hope has since faded. Kyle Seager has been a better player this season with a .291 average and a team-high 16 RBIs.

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21. New York Mets (13-16)

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There is no better pitcher in the game right now than Matt Harvey and he probably should have had a perfect game on Tuesday. He is 4-0 with a 1.28 ERA through seven starts with 58 strikeouts.

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20. Philadelphia Phillies (16-18)

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Everyone thought pitching would lead the way here but Roy Halladay’s injury has slowed the train down. Michael Young has been impressive with a .330 average in his first season with the Phillies.

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19. San Diego Padres (15-18)

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Chase Headley’s return has turned things around. He is hitting .310 since coming back from his thumb injury and the Padres look like a much different team with him in the lineup.

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18. Minnesota Twins (14-15)

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The Twins are hanging around the .500 mark because of Joe Mauer and his .298 average. Kevin Correia has been a very pleasant surprise as well.

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17. Milwaukee Brewers (15-16)

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Injuries have doomed the Brewers early on but the efforts of rookie Jean Segura have lifted the team out of an even-worse situation. Segura is hitting .339 with eight stolen bases.

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16. Cleveland Indians (16-14)

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Carlos Santana looks like a different player this season so far with a .355 average and six home runs. However, I’m not sure if the Indians can hang around the AL Central race.

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15. Oakland Athletics (18-16)

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The offense has been leading the Athletics so far because of some weak starting pitching, especially from Jarrod Parker. I’m sure things will change for him at some point this season.

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14. Washington Nationals (17-15)

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It has been a very disappointing start in Washington. Bryce Harper has been a one-man wrecking crew and without him, this team would be in even worse shape.

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13. Arizona Diamondbacks (18-15)

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I like what I’m seeing out of Paul Goldschmidt so far as he leads the team in home runs, batting average and RBIs. If the Diamondbacks can get some better pitching, they will make a run.

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12. Cincinnati Reds (19-15)

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Shin-Soo Choo has looked great since coming over in a trade while hitting .333 with seven home runs. Mat Latos is solidly this team’s No. 1 starter with a 2.23 ERA.

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11. Pittsburgh Pirates (18-14)

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It’s all about leadoff hitter Starling Marte and his .325 batting average. When you add in his five home runs and 16 RBIs, he is leading a strong offense going forward.

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10. San Francisco Giants (19-14)

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Pitching has doomed the Giants so far this season as Matt Cain and Ryan Vogelsong have both been awful. If they can turn it around, San Francisco will get back to the top of the division.

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9. Kansas City Royals (17-12)

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I’m surprised how well the opening of the season has gone here. Lorenzo Cain is proving to be a star in the making with a .333 average through 27 games.

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8. New York Yankees (18-13)

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Mariano Rivera has fully recovered from his injury last season with 11 saves and a 2.19 ERA in the early going. The offense seems to be clicking as well for a team I thought would finish in last place.

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7. Atlanta Braves (19-13)

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A struggling team in recent weeks hasn’t been helped by a terrible start from B.J. Upton, who is hitting just .153. That will have to change for things to turn around completely.

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6. Colorado Rockies (19-13)

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It’s obvious that Troy Tulowitzki is healthy again with seven home runs and 28 RBIs. I wouldn’t sleep on this team going forward. There is a chance for the Rockies to make the playoffs.

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5. Texas Rangers (20-13)

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It looks like this is going to be a season in which Ian Kinsler needs to lead the drive to return to the playoffs. He is hitting .313 early on.

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4. St. Louis Cardinals (20-12)

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The Cardinals are the class of the National League right now because of the solid start from Yadier Molina and a 5-1 record from Lance Lynn. It doesn’t look like they are slowing down either.

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3. Baltimore Orioles (20-13)

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Adam Jones is hitting .331 and Chris Davis may have cooled down some, but this is a team that has playoffs written all over it if the Orioles can keep it up.

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2. Detroit Tigers (19-11)

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Miguel Cabrera is at it again with a .385 average and 36 RBIs as he tries to get a second straight Triple Crown. It also doesn’t hurt that the Tigers have won nine of your last 10 games.

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1. Boston Red Sox (21-12)

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There have been some struggles lately with four losses in their last five games but this is a definite surprise for me so far. David Ortiz is hitting .414 since coming off the disabled list.