Chicago White Sox SP Jake Peavy's Competitiveness Could Worsen His Back Injury

By Bryan Lutz
Jake Peavy Chicago White Sox
Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports

If anyone on the Chicago White Sox has the will to win, it would be starting pitcher Jake Peavy. 

I highly doubt there is a pitcher who competes more than the former Cy Young winner. Seemingly every pitch Peavy throws is a war between him and the batter, and he makes sure you know about that war for every “god bless it” — or something to that effect — you hear when Peavy misses his spot.

This is why I am scared that Peavy’s competitive nature, paired with an injured back, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Even though Peavy threw more than 200 innings in 2012, he doesn’t really have the reputation of being a durable pitcher. After all, Peavy did have an operation that was never done before, so there is always doubt that every pitch Peavy throws could be his last.

Peavy is ready to take on the New York Mets today after his start was pushed back a few times because of that bad back. No one really knows how bad Peavy’s back injury is besides him, which is downright terrifying. I wouldn’t be surprised, in the least bit, if Peavy is pitching injured tonight, nor will I be surprised if he continues to pitch while he’s hurt because of how competitive Jake is as a player.

The White Sox are already dealing with enough injuries, so they really cannot afford to deal with another one, especially with a player as valuable as Peavy. A worse injury will hurt the White Sox for two reasons: a) he’s probably their best pitcher right now, and b) if things continue to go south and Peavy agrees to it, a trade could possibly happen.

So, Jake, please try not to overdo it tonight and worsen your back injury. The team simply cannot afford it.

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