Detroit Tigers: Rick Porcello No Longer Deserves Starting Role

By Connor Muldowney
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Porcello is a 24-year-old right-handed pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. While the Tigers are one of the best teams in baseball, Porcello may be holding the starting rotation back with his mediocre pitching.

Sure, he’s not the worst pitcher in the league, but he may be the most inconsistent. Averaging about five strikeouts per nine innings this season while allowing the opposition to hit .306 off of him makes a strong case for his departure from the talented Tigers’ staff.

His 7.54 ERA and his five home runs already allowed in 26.1 innings this season is really bringing down the Tigers’ rotation.

So, how long before the four-year vet loses his starting job? In my estimation, it will only take a few more rough starts and maybe a 1-5 record to start the season before Jim Leyland and Detroit’s management team realize he is not cut out to be a starter in today’s game.

Porcello throws mediocre pitches, and the ones that used to bite in his successful rookie season aren’t biting anymore. It may just be time for good ‘ole Rick Porcello to come out of the bullpen from here on out.

I understand he is just 24, but he has had four years to prove himself and he has yet to do so. People make excuses about him being young still and to give him time, but if four years isn’t enough time, then how long will he need? He has regressed every season he has been in the majors in most statistical categories and has a career batting averaging against of .291 — just laughable.

I think it’s time for Leyland and the rest of the organization to open their eyes to what a poor starter Porcello is and bring in either Drew Smyly or another youngster who would do anything to prove their worth. Right now, it looks like Porcello is playing uninspired baseball and taking his chance at the big leagues for granted.

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