MLB Makes Right Choice By Not Penalizing Bryce Harper

By Anthony Lenahan

Bryce Harper was ejected on Sunday when the Washington Nationals defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Harper was tossed after arguing a check swing call made by the third base umpire, John Hirschbeck that cost Harper a strikeout instead of an opportunity to hit with a full count.

The Nationals are heading into a series with the Detroit Tigers, and they got the series off on the right note when they learned they would indeed have their best player for every game of the series.  Nationals manager Davey Johnson announced that Harper will not be suspended or fined for his actions in Sunday’s game.

For Harper, this is great news knowing that he will be allowed to play and that he didn’t have any cash taken out of his fat wallet.  Harper wasn’t the only one that won in this decision though.  MLB also won by making the right choice by deciding not to penalize Harper.

Over and over I watched Harper’s ejection, and every time I didn’t really see much.  Yeah, he said some words and complained about the call, but he didn’t take it anywhere near the next level.  In fact, he was ejected when he “slammed” his helmet down while walking back to the dugout.

It looked to me as if he just kind of flipped it off his head out of disgust, but in no way did he “show up” the umpire by tossing his helmet.  He was also the last out of the inning and wasn’t going back in the dugout to get drop off his helmet.  What does the umpire want him to do after striking out, gently place his helmet on the ground for the bat boy to come pick it up?

Harper is a fierce competitor and he was just showing his aggravation in himself for striking out.  There was no need for him to be ejected although it did give him an extra day to get some rest and heal from his sprained wrist. The MLB handled this the right way by not making two wrongs in this situation.

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