MLB Umpires Continue to Ruin Games

By Ben Grimaldi
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The more I watch Major League Baseball games, the more I can’t help but think MLB umpires continue to ruin the game. With each passing day, they continue to think the game won’t go on without them and their disregard to comprehend why fans watch baseball is an absolute shame.

In case anyone has forgotten, fans want to see the players, not to watch the umpires. MLB umps continue to believe they are a bigger part of the game than they are and it is ruining the sport.

If you need an example of this all you need to do is go back a few days when Bryce Harper was ejected for disputing a check swing call. He wasn’t happy that it was called a swing by third base umpire John Hirschbeck and he ejected Harper. It was a complete joke that Hirschbeck ejected him in the first inning for objecting to his check swing. Fans came to see a game with players, not to have one of the game’s brightest stars ejected by an umpire trying to have a bigger role in the game.

Spare me the idea that Harper showed the umpire up because that is completely bogus. Harper has the right object the call and it was Hirschbeck that was the aggressor. Harper wasn’t happy about the call but it was Hirschbeck who was more aggressive in defending his call.

David Price had a similar incident a few weeks ago when Tom Hallion confronted Price after an inning in which Price didn’t like a call at home plate. There was no reason for Hallion to confront Price and by doing so, he was making himself bigger than the player and that is never good for the game.

The bottom line is umpires are there to officiate the game and should be invisible. Even if there is a disputed call, most umpires are much too quick to throw a manager or player out of the game. Memo to all MLB umpires, you are not bigger than the game and it is not your job to throw people out. It is your job to keep the players on the field so fans get to see what they paid for, not to see you overreact because you feel disrespected.

There are certainly times when an ejection is warranted but these are extreme cases and not the careless way umpires eject players and managers now. Lou Pinella and Earl Weaver deserved to be thrown out for some of their antics, but umpires today are way too quick to eject anyone who argues.

It bears repeating because it has gotten to the point where it’s hard to watch a baseball game without seeing an umpire be involved in some way; the game is about the players, not about the umpires. MLB umpires need to learn this lesson because they continue to believe they are a part of the game and they’re not.

MLB needs to do something about its umpires because they are ruining the game of baseball.

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