Brandon Morrow's Balky Back Pushes Toronto Blue Jays Against The Wall

By Thom Tsang
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

So … remember the good times in 2012 when the Toronto Blue Jays starting rotation (and pitching staff in general) was decimated by injuries, plunging the team into a mildly humourous (though altogether pretty sad) dark age that they never quite came out of?

Yeah, about that — it’s happening again.

Not quite in the same way, of course. The team hasn’t quite lost several starters and bullpen arms to season-ending surgery yet. Still, a mess is a mess, and that’s exactly the situation that the Blue Jays are finding themselves in.

Going into the season, you would have been pretty informed to guess that Josh Johnson and Brandon Morrow would be fairly good candidates to miss time due to injuries year. Well, J.J.  is on the DL, and the other foot … well, it’s hanging around up there, getting ready to drop:

Desperation, thy name is Ramon Ortiz.

For those who aren’t familiar with Ortiz (and there’s no real reason to be at this point), let’s just say that expectations would be set rather low in a potential emergency start from the 39-year old journeyman, who has made just four starts in the bigs since 2010 … there are numbers that you don’t want to look at, but yeah, it’s probably not going to be real pretty.

Compounding the situation, of course, is the fact that the team just lost J.A. Happ to a terrifying near-death experience, Ricky Romero just pitched himself to yet another demotion, Mark Buehrle is giving away homers like Honest Ed’s does deals (a little Toronto reference there), and R.A. Dickey may or may not be fighting through back and neck pain.

And as for Johnson?

Oh. Well, that’s just perfect then.

So … let’s say Ortiz is needed out of the bullpen tonight, and can’t start for the Blue Jays tomorrow. Who then? Do fans even want to know?

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