Is David Price the New York Yankees' Future Ace?

By Chris Ronca
David Price delivers a pitch
Photo Credit: Kim Klement – USA Today

The New York Yankees haven’t spent big long-term money on a free agent since 2010 when they reeled in Rafael Soriano for three years and $35 million. Recently, it seems that those big spending days are only a thing of the past, as the team has become a franchise that saves every penny they can.

This new style of spending has actually been good in some ways for the franchise as it has led to a lot of one-year commitments and much more financially flexibility down the road. Conversely, it has also meant that the Yankees have missed out on the marquis talent that has been available via free agency.

However, the Yankees will be able to change their free agency approach slightly in the very near future.

Following the 2014 season, which the Yankees have openly said they will try their best to have a payroll under $189.9 million for, the team will be able to flex their financial muscle once again. The Yankees will most likely have $20-$30 million in spending money in the winter of 2014-2015.

That means that they will definitely be looking at the top players on the free-agent market, and that’s where Davis Price comes in.

Price will be a free agent for the first time in his career following next season and will definitely be the prized jewel of the free agent class. He isn’t just the best guy in a bad class though; Price would stand out in any free agent year with his 62-34-career record and 3.32 lifetime ERA.

When you add in the fact that he has been the no. 1 pitcher on a playoff team for the majority of his career and that he’ll only be 28 years old when he hits the market, it’s no wonder that so many teams are drooling over the idea of adding Price to their teams.

CC Sabathia will be 34-years-old when Price is available and with his fastball already concerning a lot of people it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman would consider adding a younger ace to the staff.

All of the stars seem to be aligning for a possible David Price acquisition a few years down the road and that could end up being the type of move that helps keep the Yankees dominant for years to come.

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