Oakland Athletics Got Robbed by Angel Hernandez’s Horrible Call

By David Miller
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Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, there’s pretty stinking good chance it is a duck. The same could be said for a homerun that clearly goes over the fence versus one that hits the fence. Sometimes it can be hard to tell at full speed so Major League Baseball gave us instant replay to fix that situation. There seems to be only a couple of ways instant replay wouldn’t help out in a situation like the Oakland Athletics found themselves in last night. Unfortunately having Angel Hernandez on the crew is one of those ways.

Adam Rosales, who has been hitting pretty well since returning, hit a long fly ball in the ninth inning off of the Cleveland Indians closer. It was a 4 – 3 game. Indians closer Chris Perez turned around like he expected the ball to be a long homer. It wasn’t but it was right at the top of the wall. Upon further review the ball obviously hit the railing behind and above the wall. There is no way it wasn’t a homerun. Everyone that saw the replay knew the game was tied and just waited for the official call.

When chief umpire Hernandez came out of the tunnel he simply pointed at second base. That signified a couple of things. First it meant that Rosales was credited with a double and secondly it meant that something went very wrong in that replay room. The call belongs to the chief umpire in that situation and they are fiercely loyal to one another. I understand not wanting to argue with someone that out ranks you but come on guys! This was clearly a homerun from every possible angle.

The umps officially said the replay was inconclusive which is only a problem because we all saw the replay and it could not have been clearer. The issue here is not a new one. Hernandez had an issue with yet another bad call on Monday night where he also tossed Bob Melvin. One play by play man suggested the obvious bad call was a little vendetta settlement between Hernandez and Melvin. I think it was based on the fact that it was clearly a homerun and I think that is shameful. The days of umpires having grudges against one manager or another should be long gone by now yet time and again we see something like this horrible call and wonder why.

Where is the accountability for these guys? Are they the organized crime bosses of baseball? Can no one touch them or tell them what to do? Who do they answer to? Should we appeal to a higher power or is there a real organization that actually has the guts to govern what umpires do. We don’t need a good ole boys union for umpires in 2013 guys.

We need a few people who will see something like this happen, fine or suspend the umpire for intentionally making a horrible call and maybe even fire his rear end. There is no place in baseball for this mess and I for one am ready to see someone actually discipline an umpire for not doing his job correctly. Hernandez should be disciplined for this or anyone and everyone claiming to be a governing body over umpires are all yellow-bellied cowards, period.

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