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5 Reasons Detroit Tigers Should Be Happy Ryan Raburn is Gone

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Detroit Tigers Should be Happy Ryan Raburn is Gone

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Ryan Raburn was named AL player of the week last week by going 13-22 with four home runs for the Cleveland Indians. He mashed the ball all over the field and was a menace for opposing pitchers.

While his exceptional start to the season has some Detroit Tigers fans wondering why he couldn’t produce like that in Detroit, they can rest assured knowing he is bound to cool off.

Raburn is about as streaky as they come. When he is seeing the ball well, he is scary for the opposition. If he is in a rut, you can easily get ahead of him and make him look silly.

Raburn spent his first nine seasons in the Tigers’ organization, and he never panned out to be what they hoped he could. His best season offensively was 2009, when he batted .291 with a .892 OPS. Two years later, he managed to strike out 114 times in 122 games.

The Tigers then moved Raburn to second base, where they figured his numbers would be adequate. He struggled immensely there, batting .171 in 66 games and falling completely out of favor with the Tigers’ faithful.

The good news for Tigers’ fans is Raburn’s departure has opened the door for many more quality players to get playing time. Since he left, the Tigers have called on Omar Infante to fill his spot in second. Torii Hunter now controls the right field spot Raburn may have occupied had the Tigers decided to give him another shot. Both players are upgrades and the Tigers are fortunate to have them.

While he may have had a good week, you can’t count on Raburn to continue that kind of pace.

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Ryan Raburn botches fly ball

Raburn Error
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After starting his career in the outfield, Raburn was moved to second base with the hopes that he would be able to produce the same type of numbers as he did in the outfield. He has good arm strength, but is no where near the same caliber of defensive player as his replacement, Omar Infante.

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Nick Castellanos is the Tigers' Outfielder of the future

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Raburn would have been a back up plan had one of the Tigers' current outfielders went down with an injury, but they have Nick Castellanos getting ready in the minors to take over if need be. At 32-years-old, Raburn's best years could already be behind him, despite his exceptional week.

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Raburn's Dismissal Opened Door for Torii Hunter

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If it weren't for his terrible 2012, Raburn might still be a part of the Tigers and they wouldn't have considered signing Torii Hunter in the offseason. Hunter's nine gold gloves and consistency at the plate is a major upgrade from what Raburn brings to the table.

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Omar Infante Makes the Tigers Better Defensively

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The Tigers were essentially forced to acquire a second baseman at the trade deadline last season. They knew they had a shot at making noise in the postseason, but were treading water with Raburn in the mix. Infante is career infielder that knows how to play the position, and hits with a much more professional approach than Raburn.

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Ryan Raburn Is As Streaky As They Come

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The fact that he hit four home runs in two days is impressive, but Raburn could just as easily strike out in six consecutive at-bats. Tigers' fans might be worried that they are missing out on something, but Raburn's batting average is sure to come back down to earth quickly.