Carlos Ruiz off to Slow Start for Philadelphia Phillies

By Phil Naegely
Carlos Ruiz Philadelphia Phillies
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

Since returning from his suspension, Carlos Ruiz is off to an awfully slow start. Most Philadelphia Phillies fans were expecting Ruiz to come back from his suspension and spark a horrifically slow offense. However, that has not been the case, and Ruiz’s 2013 season so far looks nothing like his 2012.

Last year, Ruiz had 16 home runs, 68 RBIs, and 32 doubles in 114 games played. His 2012 batting average was a career-high .325. So far in 2013, Ruiz has not yet have a homer, RBI, and has just one double to his name right now. To make it even worse, Ruiz is batting a less-than-stellar .138 (4 for 29). A year after being a statistical leader, Ruiz is adding to the sluggish and slow Phillies offense.

If the Phillies are to start scoring runs and getting more hits, Ruiz will need to perform like he did in 2012. Now, the banned substance could have helped him in 2012, but nonetheless, Ruiz should not be performing as poorly as he is now. The team has many areas of concern, and hitting is one of them.

One player failing to step up hitting-wise is Ruiz. Philadelphia could desperately use more run support for their starters. Currently, they rank 23rd in the league in run support with 128 runs, and also 23rd with a .241 batting average.

Ruiz isn’t the only Phillies player struggling to find hits, but he needs to step up his game and get out of his early-season slump. A .138 batting average is unacceptable for star caliber player like him.

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