New York Yankees: Hiroki Kuroda Will be Fine

By Andrew Binninger
Hiroki Kuroda Yankees
The Star-Ledger-US Presswire

For almost a year, I have been saying that Hiroki Kuroda has been the New York Yankees’most reliable pitcher. He can go far into the game without giving up many runs and is also durable, so it is not a surprise when he pitches seven or eight innings in a game. I was glad when Hiroki decided to return to the Yankees for at least one more season, because the consensus was that he was going back to Japan.

On Tuesday night against the Colorado Rockies, Hiroki had a tough game. He pitched well, giving up only two runs over seven innings. However, the Yankees’ hitters could not help him out as the final score was 2-0. It really disappoints me when pitchers throw a good game but their offense does not score runs.

I am not saying that Kuroda should get off the hook, though. He did record the loss, and he could have had more than three strikeouts. Nevertheless, the Yankees’ bats should not have been kept off of the scoreboard.

Knowing Kuroda’s competitiveness, I have a good feeling that he will pitch a strong game against the Kansas City Royals on Sunday. His disappointment from Tuesday night’s loss will carry over into Sunday and he will use this as motivation to pitch a strong game.

To me, Kuroda is a pitcher who will not likely go through a losing streak. He is very dependable and I do not see him losing two games in a row.

Tuesday night’s game was frustrating for Kuroda, but I do not see it as a sign that he will start fading.

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