Baltimore Orioles’ Alexi Casilla Considering Possibility of Not Switch-Hitting

By Michael Terrill
Baltimore Orioles’ Alexi Casilla Considering Possibility of Not Switch-Hitting
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Orioles second baseman Alexi Casilla is considering giving up switching-hitting all together in favor of just batting right-handed. He is still not completely convinced about the idea, but if the Orioles believe he will be able to improve his offensive numbers in the long run than he is all for it.

“They think I can stay better on the ball, on top of the ball better from my right side,” Casilla said, according to “I don’t know. Let’s see. Let’s see what happens. It’s baseball.

“If I do good against righties from my right side — it’s a test now for me. And I’m very confident I’m going to do good.”

Casilla went 2-for-2 Friday night while batting left-handed against Minnesota Twins right-handed starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey. Casilla was not ready to hit righty against righty, and Orioles manager Buck Showalter is completely fine with that.

“I’m not there yet. I’m hoping he has three hits tonight left-handed,” Showalter said before the Friday night’s contest, according to “It’s not like there’s a huge split difference between the two. I don’t think we have enough sampling to be making those decisions right now.

“It’s not like it’s his first year in the big leagues. I’m not going to throw that out there tonight. I hope tonight is the start of some really good things for us from that standpoint.”

There is no need to rush the transition, as it is more or less something for Casilla and the Orioles to experiment with this season. If he gets to the point where he feels comfortable batting solely right-handed, then the team will rejoice. However, it is not something that will be pushed on him.

If anything, the experiment is probably better suited for the offseason, not in the second month of the regular season.

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