Chicago Cubs Fall to Washington Nationals Despite Doubles

By Stephanie Lynn
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The bats of the Chicago Cubs were alive on Friday night as they hit seven, yes seven, doubles against the Washington Nationals. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to secure a win as the Cubs fell to the Nats, 7-3.

Cubs’ starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija took yet another loss, giving up a season high eight hits, seven runs and a fielding error that allowed two unearned runs. The right-hander shook his head in frustration as he walked off the field after giving up three runs in the bottom of the fifth as the bullpen prepared to take over. What happened to our ace pitcher? Samardzija has been 0-5 since his first and only win on Opening Day. Where’s the Samardzija we all rely on to win?

While Samardzija struggled on Friday night, he wasn’t the only Cub to feel the frustration of losing. Darwin Barney tossed his bat in disgust after striking out, Starlin Castro glared at the umpires after being called out at home plate and Anthony Rizzo looked miserable coming back to the Cubs dugout at the end of the game. It’s becoming more clear each game how much losing really hurts this team, and I don’t mean just the gruesome batting averages.

The Cubs are slowly starting to show more potential in their games, but they’re not quite there yet. I was stunned to watch them hit seven doubles. Yet, how could they manage only three runs out of that? This is where their problem lies: when they get someone on base, the next batter needs to advance the base runner. The Cubs failed to do this Friday night, resulting in a well-deserved loss to the Nationals.

It’s clear that the team is becoming angry with their poor playing and seemingly endless losses. It’s time to use that anger and put it towards winning. These careless mistakes and pitiful games need to come to an end sooner rather than later.

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