Houston Astros Made Wrong Decision By Starting Erik Bedard

By Lee White
Erik Bedard Houston Astros
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Erik Bedard had been removed from the Houston Astros‘ starting rotation, but a week later he’s been placed right back in it where he will be facing one of the best teams in Major League Baseball in the form of the Texas Rangers. Other than his stellar outing out of the bullpen on Opening Night, Bedard has been terrible for the Astros. He hasn’t been economical, and has really gotten himself hurt because of his pitch counts which don’t allow him to work out of trouble as it seems he never has a clean inning. Now the Astros are throwing him out there once again, and that will likely end like the majority of his starts.

The Astros’ starting pitching has been horrible this season, but it has gotten better as of late with Jordan Lyles pitching well and Dallas Keuchel having a good outing in the first game against the Rangers. As expected, Bud Norris has been the Astros’ number one pitcher all season. Lucas Harrell has had a rough go of it this season, but he has completely battled to keep the Astros in games. With Bedard going it doesn’t look like that trend will continue.

Starting Bedard was not the right decision for the Astros. They have pitchers like Paul Clemens and Jose Cisnero, and even Travis Blackley, who could be used to start a game like this.

Over the course of the season, Bedard has pitched in seven games, five of them being starts. He has thrown 22 innings and given up 26 hits, eight of them being long balls, and he has also surrendered 14 walks. He hasn’t been the pitcher he had been in his journeyman career as Bedard hasn’t gone past four innings yet this season.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the Rangers don’t hit left handed pitchers very well. That showed tonight as Keuchel went six strong innings while  only allowing two runs, one of those because of a bases loaded walk.

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