Shaun Marcum Struggling With New York Mets

By Jerry Elsing
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Mets signed Shaun Marcum they knew the signing would be a high-risk high-reward kind of deal. He was a player coming off injury but, when healthy, Marcum was a top of the rotation guy who could be a steal for the Mets when they signed him to a 1 year $4 million deal. So far this season he hasn’t been able to live up to his past glory and has become the possible odd man out when the team calls up Zack Wheeler.

Marcum, throughout his career, was a border line all star. Before coming to the Mets his career numbers were 57-36 with a 3.76 ERA. He was seen as a great number two for any team he was on. He utilized a great cutter and a slow looping curve to perfection. Marcum was well on his way to having a very good MLB career until the injury bug started to cut some of his seasons short. The Mets knew about this and were willing to take the risk in hopes of it paying off for them.

After his last start Marcum’s stat line reads as follows: 0-3 with an 8.59 ERA, 10 K’s, 6 walks in 14.2 innings pitched. This is not what the Mets were hoping for when they signed him in the offseason. He was supposed to help solidify the middle of the rotation for the team. Marcum to me just doesn’t have his old stuff anymore. His velocity is down and as a result he is getting hit around more than ever. His H/9 is a staggering 14.7 and his WHIP is just as bad at 2.045. This will not cut it foe any team, even if it’s the struggling Mets.

I was all for this signing when it happened. He was worth the risk but the reward just hasn’t been there. Marcum is still trying to find his groove since coming back from injury. But with the impending promotion of Wheeler, Marcum doesn’t have much time to make his case to stay in the rotation.

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