Houston Astros Rely On Jordan Lyles To Avoid Sweep

By Lee White
Jordan Lyles Houston Astros
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros will rely on the starting pitching of Jordan Lyles to avoid another sweep this season, this time to the Texas Rangers. Since the Astros demoted both Philip Humber and Erik Bedard, they have had some decent pitching. Between two starts from Lyles, one from Dallas Keuchel and Bedard making his return to the starting rotation, those three have piled up some nice starts for the Astros. They’re certainly keeping the Astros in games, and could win more games if it weren’t for the bullpen.

As bad as the starting pitching had been to start the year, it hasn’t definitely taken a nice step forward. The Astros are certainly going to need another good outing from Lyles this season. So far, Lyles is 1-0 with a 4.50 ERA, but his ERA doesn’t tell the full story. Lyles has looked much better this season, and has shown the ability to get out of jams this season. Lyles has always had that problem, but this year he looks like a matured pitcher. The thing many people forget about Lyles is that he is only 22 years of age.

The Astros will have to rely on Lyles to avoid this sweep. If the Astros win this game, it will be behind the right arm of Lyles. This young pitcher hasn’t had success against the Rangers, but the Astros desperately need him to salvage one game in this three game series.

Lyles will have to keep the ball down and work low in the strike zone. He can’t leave pitches up, and he definitely can’t allow the ball to catch too much of the strike zone.

Once he takes the mound tomorrow, it will show whether or not he is ready to be in the majors this season. One thing to keep in mind, the Astros haven’t allowed Lyles to throw over 90 pitches in an outing yet this season. In both of his starts this year, he has left with a lead after five.

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