New York Yankees' Joba Chamberlain, Mariano Rivera Get Into Spat

By B.L. Lippert
Joba Chamberlain
Brad Penner- US Presswire

Joba Chamberlain just can’t seem to get out of his own way.

After bursting on the scene for the New York Yankees in 2007, Chamberlain hasn’t lived up to the incredible hype he received in New York. Admittedly, injuries have played a huge role in his stagnant career (he had Tommy John surgery one year and broke his ankle severely in another), but there’s also been an attitude issue that’s always rubbed people the wrong way.

However, everything pales in comparison to what went down yesterday in Kansas City. Mariano Rivera was meeting with reporters to discuss an emotion-filled meeting with local families that he’d had that day.  Chamberlain was a little too loud for Rivera’s liking, so he shushed him.

To be exact, Rivera, according to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, said, “Joba! Yo! Bro! Shhhh. Stop it!”

Chamberlain’s reaction?  In front of that same media, he snapped back at Rivera saying, “don’t ever shush me again.”

It’s well-known that you don’t show up your teammates in front of the media, so perhaps Rivera could have handled it differently. But the soft spoken Rivera did what most people would have done and tried to get Chamberlain to quiet down during a sobering interview. Rivera is widely accepted as one of the classiest players in all of baseball and has the respect of everyone in the game … except for perhaps Chamberlain.

This situation won’t turn into a big deal as both players will play it down when they arrive at the ball park today, but it is revealing. Chamberlain hasn’t lived up to his enormous expectations and this entitled attitude is a key reason why.

This is Rivera’s last season in pinstripes. Something tells me it will be Chamberlain’s as well.


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