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Petco Park’s Bullpen Garden & 5 Other Ballparks’ Unique Features

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Watch Out for the Garden in the Padres' Bullpen

Petco Park
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The San Diego Padres made headlines earlier this week when it was revealed that they had been hiding a bit of a secret inside of their bullpen. No, it was not a long lost player or some crazy new pitching technique. The Petco Park director of field and landscape maintenance, Luke Yoder, had planted a hot pepper garden in the corner of the bullpen during the Padres’ dry spell last year.

Well, the Friars adopted the garden as their own (with some coaxing from Joe Thatcher) and ate the peppers before each game, and soon discovered that they would win each game whenever they made sure they completed this tradition. Naturally, when Petco Park was remodeled during the off-season to reconfigure their field’s dimensions and fence heights, the Padres requested that Yoder replant his famous pepper garden in their new and improved bullpen.

But Petco Park is certainly not the only ballpark in the MLB with quirky features. Visit any stadium or field across the country, and you are likely to find something worth talking about (although maybe not as strange as an on-field garden). However, these five ballparks are truly unique in their fantastic and unusual features.

Take a look at how the strange features of these ballparks stack up against Petco Park. Petco’s garden may be a little more homegrown, but it’s just as interesting.

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Angels Stadium of Anaheim

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When the Angels Stadium of Anaheim was built to accommodate the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, its stunning rock fountain feature was unique to any other ballpark in the nation. To this day, there is nothing quite like the scenic boulder backdrop to every Angels play.

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Comerica Park

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Comerica Park, home to the Detroit Tigers, is not just a ballpark -- it's an amusement park as well. Comerica features a Ferris wheel and an ornate, tiger-decorated carousel to keep fans entertained even when the Tigers aren't on the field.

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Chase Field

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For fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks who just can't stand the heat, Chase Field has their backs -- for a price. For a premium fee, lucky fans can rent out the outfield hot tub seats and enjoy the ballgame from the pool or hot tub area. Each time a home run is hit, water shoots out of the jets to celebrate.

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Marlins Park

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Most ballparks don't have backdrops worth writing home about. But Marlins Park is a thing of beauty -- a glass aquarium full of live fish and plants to keep the ball playing Miami Marlins company during each game. But don't fret; there's no chance that this baby will break, even with the hardest of hits.

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Coors Field

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If you want your team to play in a town as highly elevated as Denver, then you have to make accommodations to ensure that everything runs smoothly. That's why the Colorado Rockies have a humidor hidden within Coors Field to keep their baseballs in top shape. The humidor counteracts the effects of the high elevation, deadening the balls and evening the Rockies' playing field.