Chicago White Sox Need to Fire Jeff Manto Immediately

By Bryan Lutz
Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

Some titles really do not need an explanation, and this is one of those titles. The Chicago White Sox need to fire their hitting coach, Jeff Manto, immediately for his ineptitude.

I try not to be that person that blames the coaches for players’ failures, but it’s really hard to find a reason why Manto should keep his job as the hitting coach for this team. After all, the whole coaching staff was hired by the team’s previous GM, Kenny Williams, and not the current GM, Rich Hahn, so there isn’t really an emotional attachment to Manto — it’s not like this is Hahn’s guy.

Moreover, I probably would have fired Manto on the spot when he said he doesn’t really believe in on-base percentage before the 2012 season even started, which is quite evident when you look at Chicago’s offensive ranks this season.

It’s not even a debate that the White Sox are the worst offensive team in the American League: they’re the only AL team with a negative fWAR; they’re second to last in walk percentage, last in the AL in strikeout rate and dead last in the bigs in on-base percentage. Translation: there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that Manto should keep his job.

When you are telling your hitters to swing nonstop, you are going to get this type of production out of your hitters. Granted, the White Sox lineup isn’t the best out there, but they shouldn’t be last in on-base percentage when they have guys like Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, and Alejandro De Aza taking as many pitches as they normally do.

So, if the Sox do not fire Manto soon, I just have one thing to say to Hahn: “you’re crazy for this one, Rick”.

Thanks for telling Alex Rios to stand upright, Jeff, but it’s time to go.

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