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15 MLB Stars Most Likely to be Traded in 2013

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15 MLB Stars Most Likely to be Traded in 2013

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Major League Baseball trade deadline is still over two months away, it is still never too early for teams to game plan who will stay and who will go. As of right now, who are the 15 MLB stars most likely to be traded at some point before July 31?

Some players on the list are pitchers or hitters that a team just needs to get rid of no matter what they get in return. When a team is a seller, they are trying to get rid of a costly player who has shown potential in the past in order to receive a prospect or two in return. Even if it seems unlikely anyone will want that specific player, just remember, there will always be a team interested in someone who has dominated at some point in their career.

Other players on the list simply play an overcrowded position on the team. Sometimes a prospect will be called upon to fill in for someone on the disabled list. However, instead of just filling in he ends up dominating at the plate and in the field. In the case of a surplus of players at a specific position, a team will want to trade away one of the players to get anything in return.

Trade speculation is always fun to discuss among enthusiastic baseball fans. However, it is still too early to know for sure if any of the players in the slideshow will be dealt. The fact of the matter is even if teams are sellers right now that could all change in the course of two months. It is not impossible to believe that teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers or Los Angeles Angels (all currently in the cellar) could make a run over a 65-game span.

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Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee Brewers

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Rickie Weeks is a prime example of a player the Brewers would like to get rid of, but will most likely have a lot of trouble doing so. It is true that if Milwaukee wants to go anywhere this season they need Weeks to perform at a level everyone knows he is capable of. Unfortunately, it does not appear that he will ever reach the top of the mountain again. The team’s highest paid player in 2013 is batting .183 with two home runs and nine RBI in 131 at-bats.

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Ichiro Suzuki, New York Yankees

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With the return of Curtis Granderson, and slugger Vernon Wells continuing to produce power numbers on a consistent basis, Ichiro Suzuki appears to be the odd man out in the outfield. The New York Yankees will not sit Wells considering what he is doing at the plate, while Brett Gardner is not going anywhere either. Even though the Yankees currently lead the American League East division, they might be able to move Suzuki to another contender that needs help in the outfield for a decent price.

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Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins

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The fact that Justin Morneau is a free agent at the end of the year, and the Minnesota Twins are hovering around the bottom of the AL Central division, there is a good chance the organization could get a lot for the slugger at the deadline. There are plenty of contenders that could use a first baseman who is capable of producing big-time power numbers in the heart of a batting order.

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Josh Beckett, Los Angeles Dodgers

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The Dodgers are dead last in the National League West. If the trend continues, they will need to become sellers at the trade deadline in order to slash the most expensive team salary in baseball. Starting pitcher Josh Beckett is one player in particular that has not lived up to his contract this season. However, it is not a secret that he is capable of putting forth a top-notch performance. There are plenty of contenders that could take a gamble on Beckett in order to propel them into the postseason and beyond.

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Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland Indians

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The more Asdrubal Cabrera plays at a high level, the more the Cleveland Indians have to consider trading him. The shortstop will be a free agent after the 2014 season, and considering the fact the Indians have shown no signs of giving him an extension, trading him now is the best option. It is true Cleveland is in second place in the AL Central, but if the team appears out of it towards the end of July, a deal must be done.

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Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox

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Paul Konerko is currently struggling at the plate, but everyone knows he is capable of producing quality power numbers. If the White Sox are unable to climb up the standings in the division, trading Konerko to a contender will be a way to acquire a valuable prospect in return. Not to mention, it will give the 37-year-old an opportunity to go out on top.

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Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Giancarlo Stanton is not exactly a star player, but he is certainly someone the Miami Marlins have to consider trading at the deadline. The fact that rookie right fielder Marcell Ozuna has established himself as a top asset while Stanton has been on the 15-day disabled list is reason enough for the Marlins to deal the veteran. Not to mention, Stanton is capable of hitting for average and producing power numbers on offense, something that will be appealing to many teams.

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Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox

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Even though the Boston Red Sox are currently hanging tough in the competitive AL East, the organization has to consider trading Jacoby Ellsbury at some point. The 30-year-old is not getting any younger, and the Red Sox have a pretty good idea of who their center fielder of the future is going to be. If Boston does not feel they have a shot at the postseason, they must deal Ellsbury before he reaches free agency at the end of the year. Not to mention, the Red Sox will get a decent amount of talent in return for Ellsbury, who has proven to be a top asset on offense.

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Aramis Ramirez, Milwaukee Brewers

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It is unlikely the Brewers will deal Aramis Ramirez at the trade deadline this year, especially since he is not a free agent until after the 2014 season. However, if Milwaukee is far enough out of it at the end of July, and Ramirez is producing numbers like he did last year, the Brewers will have to seriously consider dealing him for the right price. Last season, Milwaukee was able to get rising star Jean Segura for Zack Greinke, a starting pitcher they were not going to be able to keep. This time around, they could get another star of the future for an aging player.

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Carlos Marmol, Chicago Cubs

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It may be unrealistic to believe anyone would trade for reliever Carlos Marmol. With that being said, the right-hander has shown flashes of greatness in his career. Like I said before, teams are willing to take a chance on a player who has proven to be good if it means it could get them to the postseason. If Marmol can begin to turn his season around, and the Chicago Cubs agree to pick up most of his salary, there is a chance that a contender in need of a solid reliever will go after him.

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Mark Buehrle, Toronto Blue Jays

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Even though Mark Buehrle is struggling this season, he is still capable of being a dominant pitcher if given the right opportunity. If the Toronto Blue Jays are completely out of it at the trade deadline, which looks like a good possibility, trading Buehrle for the right amount of talent in return could certainly be a great move. Contenders that need that one extra arm to solidify the rotation could give up a couple of prospects for the left-hander.

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Matt Garza, Chicago Cubs

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The fact that Matt Garza has yet to throw a pitch in the big leagues this season would make many think he is not going to be traded. However, Garza will make his 2013 MLB debut soon, which will give teams plenty to see before the end of July. If his numbers are where they should be expect to see Garza get dealt, something the Cubs have been interesting in doing for quite some time.

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Yuniesky Betancourt, Milwaukee Brewers

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Yuniesky Betancourt is another player that is not exactly a star, but he has certainly put up outstanding numbers so far this season. With Ramirez back in the lineup and first baseman Corey Hart to make his 2013 debut soon, Betancourt will be forced to take his spot on the bench in a reserve role. Obviously, if Weeks cannot find any rhythm on offense then Betancourt could become the starting second baseman. However, if the Brewers are far enough out of it in July, and Betancourt keeps his power numbers up, there will be more than one contender interesting in acquiring him.

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Ricky Nolasco, Miami Marlins

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Starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco has stated he is not interested in being a part of Miami’s rebuilding process. Throw in the fact that he is a free agent at the end of the season and has the most expensive salary on the team, and the Marlins have every reason in the world to trade him. Nolasco puts up decent numbers and would be a solid addition for a contender that needs a fourth or fifth starter down the stretch.

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Chase Headley, San Diego Padres

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres stated they would like to get an extension done with Chase Headley, but the third baseman said that he has no intentions of talking about a new contract in the middle of the season. Even though the Padres want to keep Headley on the team for a long time, one has to wonder if the organization would cave if the right deal came along. Obviously, the offered package would have to include quite a bit, but there are certainly contenders in desperate need of a solid third baseman.