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5 Reasons Chicago Cubs Should Trade Alfonso Soriano

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Alfonso Soriano

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After seven years, the Chicago Cubs might finally have a window of opportunity to free themselves of Alfonso Soriano and his hefty contract.

Soriano’s contract goes through the end of next year, which means they may be able to get someone to take him off their hands when the trade deadline comes around this season. The best possible scenario for the Cubs would entail landing a prospect or two for the 37-year-old outfielder.

The Cubs have a good base of players to build around. After giving Anthony Rizzo a long-term deal Monday, the Cubs have shown the direction they are going in. They also recently signed Starlin Castro to a similar deal, and have done a good job solidifying a couple of the key positions in the infield. Jeff Samardjiza will likely be the next Cubs’ player to receive a long-term deal.

Soriano came to Chicago with a lot of hype, but has never lived up to it. For six straight years, he played in at least 145 games, until he got to the Cubs. He seemed to be dealing with some sort of issue much of the time in Chicago and lost his speed, or decided not to run.

Soriano came into Chicago as an automatic 20 homer/20 stolen base kind of guy, but has never stolen that many for the Cubs. After stealing 19 bases in his first two seasons in Chicago, he has failed to touch double-digits since.

He has been a strikeout machine almost his entire career, doing so almost at least once for every game he’s played.

That said, there is surely a contender that will need to fill a spot in their outfield come the trade deadline, and he is the type of player teams in that position look for. He’s been in the league for long enough to know what’s expected of him, and can contribute power.

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Soriano is the highest paid athlete in Chicago

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Soriano makes more money than Derrick Rose, and almost three times more than Chicago Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler. At $17 million a year, Soriano came with very high expectations.

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The Cubs are building for the future

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After giving Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro long-term deals, the Cubs have shown that they are looking toward the future.

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They need the ability to sign other players to long-term deals

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With pitchers Jeff Samardjiza and Matt Garza in the final years of their contracts, the Cubs need the ability to give them long-term deals if they choose to. They may have to eat part of Soriano's contract, but it would be worth it if they got prospects in return.

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The Cubs need to open spots for future stars

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Jorge Soler is the prospect in the Cubs organization who is most likely to take over Soriano's position. At 6-foot-3, Soler will be an intimidating figure in the batting box for the Cubs in the near future. The 21-year-old Cuban has the potential to be a dominant hitter if he can keep his head on straight.

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Soriano has never lived up to the hype

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After some impressive seasons with the New York Yankees early in his career, Soriano was never able to fix his strikeout problem. With all the money they have given him, the best thing they can do for themselves is get something back for him with a trade.