Curtis Granderson is Back For New York Yankees; Vernon Wells Should Still Play

By Andrew Binninger

Veron Wells New York Yankees
Debby Wong-US Presswire

I was very happy to see Curtis Granderson back in the New York Yankees‘ lineup on Tuesday. The Yankees were on a roll before he came back but now that he’s is, things should be even better.

One of the things that I wonder though, is what the Yankees are going to do with Vernon Wells. Wells has done everything the Yankees have asked him to do, hitting .301 with 10 home runs and 23 RBIs. This is better than anyone thought.

When the Yankees first acquired Wells, I questioned the move. I am glad that I was proven wrong but I am hoping that he will continue to play even with Granderson back. What Joe Girardi could do is play Wells in left field and play Granderosn at DH or vice-versa. The Yankees had a lot of momentum with Wells and without Granderson and now with him back, they can’t lose that momentum.

A good reason to keep Wells in the lineup is so the Yankees will still have that hitting power. Yes, Granderson is a power hitter, but I do not expect him to start hitting right away. Wells is in a groove right now and taking him out of the lineup could ruin it.

Wells is one of those players who tends to start off strong but cools down in the second month of the season. After having a strong April, I expected him to cool down in May. However, he has not cooled down at all and he still remains an integral piece to the Yankees’ lineup.

I am happy that Granderson is back but I hope that this does not reduce Wells’ playing time. He has done too much for the Yankees this season and playing him less would be a bad idea.

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