Chicago White Sox OF Dayan Viciedo Is Turning a Corner

By Bryan Lutz
Dayan Viciedo Chicago White Sox
Rob Grabowski – USA TODAY Sports

Dayan learned how to hit — uh oh.

Similar to Happy Gilmore and putting, Chicago White SoxDayan Viciedo has returned to the lineup with a bang. Ever since Viciedo made his debut with the Sox, one could easily see the raw talent the young outfielder had. Also during that time period, however, you could see the lack of discipline the outfielder had as well. It’s safe to say that there isn’t a player on the White Sox that frustrates me more than Viciedo, because unlike most players and top prospects that have shuffled through the team’s farm system, he actually has talent. Yet Viciedo felt the need to swing and pull everything — until now.

Since returning from a strained oblique muscle, Viciedo has easily been the best hitter on the White Sox. Not only is he hitting the ball well and taking it to the opposite field, but he is also drawing walks at a rapid rate. It’s almost as if Viciedo had a religious experience while on the disabled list, realizing he doesn’t need to swing like a lumberjack every time he’s up to bat. Now Viciedo is getting into hitter’s counts and making pitchers pay.

There isn’t a better example of the new Viciedo than his at-bat against Minnesota TwinsMike Pelfrey in yesterday’s win. Viciedo earned a 2-0 hitter’s count against Pelfrey, then viciously fouled back a 2-0 pitch to only homer on the next pitch to right field. That, my friends, is the potential that the Cuban tank possesses.

Maybe a couple more White Sox hitters can strain their oblique — it seems to work.

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