MLB Toes Thin Line With Expanded Replays Likely

By Devin O'Barr
Kansas City Royals on Opening Day
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, the devout fans of MLB are dwindling by the day as the three other major sports continue to take the limelight over the American pastime. As much as the league has tried to adapt in order to compete with the NFL, they still are light years behind in terms of supporters.

Whenever a baseball cynic gets to rambling one of the first few argument points is that the game merely takes too long. Trying to counteract this point MLB has decided not to go overboard with replays considering that fans would rather see blown calls than a minute or two added onto the game. Obviously, the wrath behind these umpire miscues has been large enough for talks to heat up on whether or not more replay avenues should be added to the game.

I liken the actions of commissioner Bud Selig in regard to replay expansion to that of a technologically challenged grandparent who after constant refusal finally decides to get a smart phone. Just like many elderly people who attain a brand new phone, the initial reaction for Selig has been that replay is necessary, but some of the additional features are simply a giant headache. Considering Selig has probably dealt with the smart phone transition himself, I expect the commissioner to understand just how slippery of a slope replay expansion is.

We are entering a time when the “affects the rhythm of the game” argument is starting to get exposed for it’s hypocrisy and the desire to get the call right is gaining speed — just keep in mind, old folks don’t always latch onto the bigger and better technology as fast as we think they should.

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