MLB Trade Rumors: Top 30 Players on the Trading Block

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MLB Trade Rumors: Top 30 Players on the Trading Block

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Trade rumors swirl around every Major League Baseball team seemingly all the time. Some teams are more accustomed to it than others. For instance the Miami Marlins seem to always be on the edge of a trade with someone depending on what rumor you hear. Just because a player could be traded doesn’t necessarily mean he is an attractive trade commodity however. The subtle difference is as follows.

Usually a player in the last year of his contract is on the trading block. Whether or not his name has been mentioned, it is known that a well performing player in his final contract year is going to be worth valuable return on the trade market. This goes deep into the business part of baseball but put yourself in a MLB owner’s shoes.

If there is a certain pitcher that has performed well and that everyone around baseball respects but you know you aren’t resigning him because you can’t afford to, why not trade him? It only costs the team another month or two of that certain player and instead of him signing with another team and you getting zilch, you get something back. See, it makes perfect sense.

What follows is a list of the best 30 players that could be traded this year. There are some that make every list but a few you have not heard mentioned in trade rumors before. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have a name I missed or think one of the names I chose is out of place.

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30 - Adam Dunn DH - Chicago White Sox

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The Chicago White Sox have all kinds of interesting things going on. One of them is the returning veteran Paul Konerko. They simply do not need Konerko, Dunn and Jose Dariel Abreu on the roster. Dunn could be the odd man out and could bring a trade value that would be quite surprising considering his age and recent numbers. He might not be what he once was but Dunn's bat still packs a punch.

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29 - Pablo Sandoval 3B - San Francisco Giants

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The Giants really don't need to trade Sandoval because there is no other option at third base for them. The interest that has shown up for Sandoval might leave them little choice in the matter however. GM's are certainly creative enough that the Giants could bring back a third base option in the same deal that sends Sandoval away. It might not happen but don't be surprised if the beloved big guy is wearing another uniform sometime soon.

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28 - J.A. Happ SP - Toronto Blue Jays

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The Blue Jays are doing all kinds of interesting things with their roster over the past season. They have pitching options and want to bring in more pitching. At the same time, they are apparently thinking that Happ might be more valuable as a trade commodity than a starting pitcher. They do have minor league options at starting pitcher and Happ would be worth something in a trade for sure.

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27 - Alfonso Soriano OF - New York Yankees

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Soriano just returned to the New York Yankees but he is still towards the end of his contract. He is still valuable as an outfielder that can play defense along with packing a punch on offense. Without a doubt he will still garner much attention from clubs looking for veteran outfielders. Considering the Yankees have a few needs of their own, including possibly second base, Soriano could be in for a short stay in pinstripes.

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26 - Michael Cuddyer OF/1B - Colorado Rockies

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The Colorado Rockies are doing quite a few things to ensure they are a better team for the 2014 season. Cuddyer is a great player and a great presence in the clubhouse but he is also valuable. It might seem difficult to imagine the Rockies trading the N.L. Batting champion but they have a first baseman now and are loading up more on outfielders. Cuddyer might indeed be someone they are willing to part ways with because of the pitching he could bring in return.

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25-Joe Saunders P - Seattle Mariners

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As far as journeymen pitchers go, Saunders is definitely one of the best pitchers in MLB. Once again he is someone that could be valuable via trade. The same set of attributes travel with him. He is a good to potentially great stuff pitcher that eats innings and keeps the team in the game. There are a lot of teams looking for that around the trade deadline.

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24-Michael Morse 1B - Seattle Mariners

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Morse has enough pop in his bat that he could be a potentially good trade prospect even though he has had quad problems for part of the year. Someone very well could take a chance on him. Funny enough, the Mariners would probably be the ones that wouldn’t want a trade because the GM seems to want to be loyal to his team. Imagine that.

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23-Chris Sale P - Chicago White Sox

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You are probably thinking that it would be crazy for the White Sox to trade their best pitcher that they just signed to a long contract. Though he one of few listed that isn’t a free agent at the end of this year, his name has definitely come up in trade rumors. It would take an incredible deal to move him but the White Sox are listening. They are listening with their arms folded and shaking their heads, but they are listening.

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22-Michael Young 3B - Philadelphia Phillies

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Whether the Phillies have a fire-sale type trade deadline or not; Young is the one being shopped around the most by them. He might not get moved anywhere but despite a few struggles he could still be an attractive trade piece for a contender.

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21-Paul Maholm P - Atlanta Braves

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In the situation with Brandon Beachey coming back from injury, someone is going to likely get moved somewhere. Though Maholm is probably the second most attractive trade piece on the starting staff, he might be the one more likely to move.

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20-Joba Chamberlain P - New York Yankees

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There is so much interest in the Yankees reliever Chamberlain that it really a matter of when not if he will be traded. If a deal does not get done, considering his ability and the number of teams asking about him, it will be the biggest shock of this trade season.

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19-Phil Hughes P - New York Yankees

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Hughes has been a quality inning man this year and last year as well. Anyone with a half-way decent ERA that puts away tons of innings is always a big draw this time of year. Hughes definitely could go somewhere and could actually be coupled in a deal with teammate Joba Chamberlain.

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18-Raul Ibanez DH/OF - Seattle Mariners

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Though Ibanez has the same drawback as the other Mariners on this list that the GM might not want to trade anyone, Ibanez might draw enough to change his mind. Such a powerful veteran hitter would be invaluable to a contending team down the stretch.

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17-Jesse Crain P - Chicago White Sox

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Crain has a 0.74 ERA and an 11 K per 9 innings ratio over nearly 40 innings this year. Though his health might be an issue, he is drawing a lot of interest from teams around the league. He could be a lesser talked about reliever that garners more attention than anyone thought. If he is healthy enough, look for him to move.

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16-Alex Rios OF - Chicago White Sox

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Rios, though he has had some struggles lately is still one of the better outfielders on the trading block. The interest in him has seemingly disappointed the White Sox GM but chances are the needy teams will up their offer when the time comes near.

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15-Cliff Lee P - Philadelphia Phillies

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A team official reportedly said recently that they wouldn’t think they would be dumb enough to trade Lee unless the deal was such that they would be dumb not to take it. To me that is clearly an unclear answer. Lee would bring a decent return from any team in contention because of his track record alone.

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14-David Murphy OF - Texas Rangers

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The Rangers look like a sure fire post season member already which might give them some freedom to deal Murphy who has refused to talk about contract matters during the season. More often than not that is a sign towards him wanting to play the market. The Rangers might want to get something in return for him while they can.

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13-Bronson Arroyo P - Cincinnati Reds

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The Reds already have a decision to make on which pitcher to keep and which to send down. In a situation where there is too much talent, someone has to be the odd man out. Arroyo said himself during the offseason that he knows this will be his last year with the Reds. His decent performance so far should be worth something on the trade market.

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12-Tim Hudson P - Atlanta Braves

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This is a tough one for Braves fans but the fact is the Braves have too much pitching. Though Hudson wants to play in Atlanta for the rest of his career, the Braves probably won’t be able to do that. The veteran still has plenty of life in his arm and would bring a good return on the trade market for the Braves.

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11-Chase Utley 2B - Philadelphia Phillies

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The looming fire sale that some expect in Phillies camp would most certainly include interest in Utley who’s veteran contribution would be vital to almost any team wanting to contend. The catch here is that Utley is very close to the 10 and 5 rule and would be able to veto trades to 21 teams already. Still a deal is possible if the Phills see one attractive enough and with a name like Utley it would probably be a pretty good package.

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10-Jake Peavy P - Chicago White Sox

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Peavy has really become a veteran worth what he makes while in Chicago but with the White Sox downturn and older roster, Peavy would be the best and most valuable member of the team to trade. I can only think of a few teams that wouldn’t take Peavy right now.

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9-Ichiro Suzuki OF - New York Yankees

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As good as Suzuki has been for the last decade he isn’t able to create a fourth outfield spot. The Yankees have too many big name outfielders. Ichiro would be a huge puzzle piece for a team that needed a good hitter for average if they could take the price tag.

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8-Paul Konerko 1B - Chicago White Sox

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Though he hasn’t had a Konerko type year just yet, there is little doubt that there will be interest in Paul Konerko when the trade deadline approaches if the White Sox are still scratching the bottom of the AL Central. Especially AL teams with a DH need would be able to put a lot of value into Konerko.

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7-Lucas Harrell P - Houston Astros

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There is little doubt that the young and rebuilding Astros will be trading players at the deadline for more young talent. Rumor has it that Harrell is the pitcher that team executives are most interested in on the Astros roster and would be a value to numerous teams in the post-season race. This still true even though he has been temporarily moved to the bullpen.

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6-John Buck C - New York Mets

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As much as the Mets like what John Buck is doing for them right now, logic and rumor suggest that they would like what he got for them in a trade even more. Since he is in a contract season the better he performs for the Mets, the more likely it becomes that he will be traded in July.

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5-James Loney 1B - Tampa Bay Rays

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The worries about Loney’s downturn in his career are quickly evaporating as his average inches close to the .400 mark after 110+ at-bats. If the Rays are unable to contend they have always shown a willingness to move players. If they move them this year, Loney will be a big attraction for anyone.

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4-Brian McCann C - Atlanta Braves

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Brian McCann has never said he was going elsewhere after his contract ends and has not said he’ll play the market. However the general consensus on the Braves is that he will head towards the AL where he could have a longer career with part time as a DH. If the Braves are already planning their next catcher (which seems likely with the emergence of Evan Gattis) they will likely want to see what McCann could get back for them in the trade market. Chances are it would be substantial.

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3-David Price P - Tampa Bay Rays

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Though Price isn’t having his best start to the 2013 season, he is still a very valuable arm as proven by his 2012 Cy-Young award. If the Rays are unable to contend or even possibly if they do contend, the Rays likely will try and move Price. His overall ability will be a big draw for them.

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2-Chase Headley 3B - San Diego Padres

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Headley rumors have been around for seemingly as long as he has. As valuable as he is to the Padres, he might be too valuable on the open trade market for the team not to trade him. If they are in the race he might be untouchable but if they continue to struggle he likely will be someone they cannot afford not to trade.

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1-Justin Morneau 1B - Minnesota Twins

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Once again Justin Morneau is being thrown into all kinds of trade rumors. The Twins have made a collective career out of filling holes created by big names they trade away. There is little doubt that Morneau will be in another uniform by the end of the season and someone will be very pleased by there big time trade.