New Rivarly Between Houston Astros and Texas Rangers Takes Interesting Turn

By Marian Hinton
Matthew Emmons: USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros move to join the Texas Rangers in the American League West division this season has sparked a new baseball rivarly in the State of Texas. Now, that newly formed rivarly is taking an interesting turn with the Astros’ soon-to-be announced hiring of Reid Ryan as the club’s new president.

Reid Ryan just so happens to be the son of Nolan Ryan, the Texas Rangers’ CEO. Early in the season, there was much angst as to Ryan’s future with the team when it was announced that the title of Rangers’ president was being removed from the Hall of Fame pitcher and given to general manager Jon Daniels and then vice president Rick George.

Since then, it appears that any issues between Ryan and the team’s ownership have been resolved, but Houston’s hiring of the younger Ryan has to again raise questions about how long the baseball legend plans to stay in Arlington.

Could this rehash talk that Nolan could one day leave the Rangers and head back to Houston?

Another issue is whether or not the hiring of Nolan’s son will affect the Rangers’ farm system, believed to be among the best. Reid Ryan currently runs the Rangers’ Triple-A ball club, the Round Rock Express (which is owned by Nolan Ryan). Though Round Rock has recently become Rangers territory, they used to be affiliated with the Astros. Will the Astros once again find a way to reclaim the Express.

The good news for Rangers is that they recently signed an extension with the Express until the year 2018, but one has to wonder if Houston will now find a way to take back their former affiliate when the time comes and therefore reclaim the area.

It’s too early to tell if the Houston Astros’ hiring of Reid Ryan will have any impact on Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers, but it will certainly be interesting to watch as it all unfolds.


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