Texas Rangers Running Away With American League West

By Kyle McAreavy
Texas Rangers
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers just finished up a three-game series with the Oakland Athletics in which they won two games to one. Before this series, I said that the Rangers could really start to get away from everyone else in the American League West if they won this series.

And now they are really pulling away.

The A’s were alone in second within the division going into the series but now, because of the recent success of the Seattle Mariners, they are tied. The Rangers now lead this division by seven games.

You could take the stand that most fans of other AL West teams are taking and say that its only May, and there is plenty of time to overcome a seven game lead. But another way that many will look at it is that the Rangers have been so much better than anyone else in this division that they already have a seven-game lead 40 games into the season.

At that pace, they will win this division by 28 games. I know this pace is not sustainable, but it is still very impressive.

Along with the fact that the Rangers will realistically not keep winning at a .650 percentage (because that would be 105 wins), you can not expect the rest of this division to stay this bad. The Mariners have been very good recently, the A’s should not be a below .500 team this year and the Los Angeles Angels have too much talent to continue to lose like this.

A seven-game lead at any point in the season is impressive and intimidating, but there is no way this pace will continue. There is just too much talent in this division.

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