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5 Moves Kansas City Royals Should Make Before the MLB Trade Deadline

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Kansas City Royals: 5 Moves That Must be Made to Remain Competitve in AL Central

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The Kansas City Royals made it obvious this offseason: they are going for it, and their time to win is now. The trade they made in acquiring James Shields and Wade Davis from the Tampa Bay Rays sent a strong message to the rest of the AL Central.

After years of being bottom dwellers, the Royals have drafted at the top over and over again. This has allowed them to build an amazing amount of young talent that is now making its way to the big leagues. Billy Butler, Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas are all home-grown Royals players who are leading this team to a great start. Because of this excess of strong young talent, the Royals can afford to trade some minor league pieces for major league talent, like they did acquiring Shields and Davis. I believe Kansas City has the parts to continue to do this at the trade deadline.

Currently, the Royals are sitting at 20-17, only one game back of the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers, who are tied for the AL Central lead. It has been a very good start for the Royals, but they could be playing even better. Hosmer and Moustakas have struggled to get going, even though they have both shown the signs of breaking out soon. The top of the rotation with Shields, Ervin Santana and Jeremy Guthrie has been outstanding, but Kansas City has struggled to find two more starters who can be serviceable. The bullpen has some talent, but could certainly use a veteran arm, particularly someone left-handed. The offense has one glaring hole at second base. Chris Getz is playing there and his currently hitting .193.

While they are playing well, the Royals definitely need to make a few moves if they are serious about making a run this season. In this slideshow, I will show five guys who I think the Royals should look to trade for in order to make this team more competitive. They are not all big-name guys, but could be players that put them over the top. Be sure to check out the last page and see which star I think the Royals could trade for.

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Ricky Nolasco

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I considered Ricky Nolasco to be the most likely starting pitcher to be traded before the deadline.. Nolasco would be a great addition to the Royals' rotation and while he will not be cheap to acquire, he would not cost as much as guys like Cliff Lee or even Matt Garza.

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Daniel Murphy

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The Royals simply need a replacement for Getz at 2B. There will probably not be much available at the position at the deadline, but I could see the New York Mets making Daniel Murphy available. If they do, the Royals need to make this move because he is a huge upgrade over Getz.

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David DeJesus

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It is very obvious that the Chicago Cubs are looking to sell at the deadline. David Dejesus is a guy they will certainly be looking to move. He would fit in very well with the Royals. Jeff Francoeur has really struggled this season hitting .221 with only 1 home run and 9 RBIs. Dejesus could take over for Francoeur in Right Field, but he can also play center and left. He is a very versatile player who puts up solid production.

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Wesley Wright

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The Houston Astros are tied with the Marlins for the worst record in baseball. They will be willing to trade pretty much anybody. I think Wesley Wright would be a good option for the Royals as a lefty coming out of the pen.

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Chase Headley

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This is the big one. I think the San Diego Padres must trade Chase Headley or there is a very good chance they will lose him to free agency. Headley would be a perfect addition to the middle of the order for the Royals. Even though Moustakas has struggled early on, he is still a good young talent and would be a nice piece for the Padres to get in return for Headley. Obviously, it would cost much more than only Moustakas, but I think he would be a good guy to build the deal around.