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5 Most Disappointing New York Mets Players This Season

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5 Most Disappointing New York Mets Players This Season

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This season started off with such a bang. Through the first 16 games of the season, the New York Mets were playing great baseball and had a respectable 10-6 record to show for it. Their offense was clicking and the pitching was doing its job. Unfortunately, that all seems like a distant memory with the performance they haves hown in the last month.

The offense can’t score more than three runs a game and the starting pitching can’t get out of the fifth inning in most games. This season has become a wash and its only getting worse. Not one player is stepping up for this team and the manager is starting to lose control of the clubhouse. >

For the most part, this is a team that just isn’t talented and doesn’t play hard anymore. For the past few seasons, this team has given us hope in the first half of the year. They were always contending till the all-star break and then fall off after that. This year’s team isn’t even allowing us to do that. They have dropped out of being relevant right from the get-go in 2013.

This article is going to cover a few players in particular who were supposed to be big-time players for the Mets that are under-performing at sub-par level. Most of the team is doing this and it was hard to choose just five players, but these five have been just so bad that you can’t make any kind of excuses for them, and they aren’t showing any signs of getting out of their funk.

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Ike Davis

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Ike Davis has been possibly the biggest disappointment in all of baseball this year. Davis, coming into the year, was supposed to be the big power bat in the lineup after a very good second half of the 2012 season that helped him finish the year with 32 HRs. This year, through the first 38 games, he has four homers and is batting a pathetic .156. His time in New York may be running out if he can’t figure out how to get out of this funk sooner rather than later.

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Shaun Marcum

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Coming into the season, Shaun Marcum was signed to be the No. 3 in the rotation behind Jonathon Niese and Matt Harvey. Unfortunately, this signing is looking as if this may have been a risk that won’t pay off. With a history of injuries, Marcum is seen as a player who won’t ever reach his full potential. When healthy he is very good, but his stats this year show that he is not going to be a member of the Mets after this season.

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Collin Cowgill

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After his fantastic spring training, Collin Cowgill was supposed to be the answer in center field. After a decent start to the season, Cowgill’s numbers plummeted very fast and as a result, he found himself on a plane to Las Vegas, where we shouldn’t hear from him again this season.

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Jonathon Niese

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As the opening day starter, people expected a lot more out of Jonathon Niese. He was very good last season for the team but nothing is going right for him this year. He has a 5.40 ERA and his WHIP went from 1.17 last year to 1.66 this year. Niese has to find a way to keep runners off base in order to find his 2012 form again. Hopefully he turns it around soon, because the Mets need him to be the ace he was last year.

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Dillon Gee

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Dillon Gee was penciled in to be a big part of this team for years to come. After a very good 2012 season, Gee’s progression has gone south. He can’t get anyone out and can’t get pass the fifth inning in most games. The Mets will let him ride out the season and see what his numbers look like, but I don’t expect to see him as a guaranteed starter on this team next year.