Atlanta Braves Showing that Power Alone Doesn’t Win Baseball Games

By David Miller
Justin Upton Braves
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of buzz since before the season about the power that the Atlanta Braves offense wields. It has not disappointed all season but it also has not been there winning games all season. They are proof positive that power by itself is basically meaningless without several other factors. Basically the fact that the Braves are still in first place has as much to do with non-power reasons as it does with the power itself.

They didn’t get a lot of power back when Brian McCann and Jason Heyward returned. Sure they are both capable of plenty of homers but the main source of power for the Braves was there the entire time in the person of Justin Upton. What was the difference then between when the Braves were losing and winning games? Everything was the difference.

The rest of the offense began to dry up and then everything relied on power. When that happens for any stretch of time the power hitters try to be power hitters and go into mini or mega slumps. Timely hitting goes out the window and with it go the wins. The same goes for big time pitching and good quality starting pitching.

One of the most underrated factors in a team like the Braves winning games however is just the idea that the team gels together in the right way. The instant Heyward stepped into that locker room ready to hit the field, the Braves were a completely gelled team for the first time all season. They won’t win every game but I guarantee you they will win a lot of them and they will be much harder to beat as long as they remain a unit. Along with that team unity comes plenty of power, runs and wins.

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