Baltimore Orioles Pitching Has Gone Down The Sewer

By Wola Odeniran
Joy R. Absalon- USA Today Sports

The Baltimore Orioles just suffered not only their worst loss of the season 10-6 to the Tampa Bay Rays, but also their most disgraceful loss to date. The terrible pitching is like an infection to the baseball team right now. It began with the starters and now it has made its way to the bullpen — just an awful display of command all across the board.

After leading the game 4-0 after the first inning, things looked all right for the Orioles until the ninth inning. Jim Johnson, who had a team-record 35 straight saves, has blown his last two saves leaving the Orioles with question marks all over the place. Johnson and Darren O’Day, allowed a combined six runs in the ninth after entering the session with a 6-4 lead. It left everyone speechless in the stadium, even the Rays.

The Orioles record is now 23-19 and is fading away from first place at the worst possible time. The pitching is too terrible to even begin to ask where the team could rebound. It doesn’t look like anything that will be cured immediately during Sunday’s game with the Rays.

Nobody has an answer right now but the team definitely needs one. Starter Wei-Yen Chen has easily been the Orioles best and most consistent pitcher throughout the entire season. Just by the Orioles luck, he is on the 15-day DL with the team not allowing Chen to participate in any baseball-related activities.

You know how bad the pitching has gotten? When the team has to turn to Jake Arrieta in the bullpen, who has an ERA of 6.63 after being demoted to the minors. That’s how bad it is with no signs of the bad news slowing down.

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