How Many More Injuries Can the New York Yankees Take?

By Holly Berkowitz
Andy Pettitte
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It is widely discussed and hardly news anymore: the New York Yankees have had a bevy of injuries in the 2013 season. Beginning in the 2012 ALCS when Derek Jeter broke his ankle, the injuries have kept coming.

Alex Rodriguez’s hip surgery in the offseason was the next news, followed by Curtis Granderson getting hit on the forearm in the first exhibition game, then Mark Teixeira’s wrist injury. Before Yankee fans knew what was happening, the opening day lineup was almost unrecognizable.

As we also all know, the Yankees have thus far been surviving, even thriving, without the star players who populate the team and the payroll. Newcomers like Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner have picked up some of the slack, and the team is having an unexpectedly successful start to the season.

However, with the more recent injuries to Eduardo Nunez, followed by the news the Andy Pettitte is now on the disabled list and the day-to-day status of Chris Stewart following his groin injury, the question becomes: how many injuries can the Yankees really withstand?

A quick run through of the notable players currently inactive: Jeter, Rodriguez, Teixeira, Francisco Cervelli, Kevin Youkilis, Ivan Nova, Joba Chamberlain, Nunez, and now Pettitte.

When is the list too insurmountable for the improbable group of Yankees to overcome? There have been good stories surrounding the unfortunate circumstances, such as Robinson Cano taking over the offesnsive lead, Wells’ offensive and defensive rejuvenation and Brett Gardner’s ability in center field. But, all of it is for naught if the team becomes too battered.

With Stewart as the back-up catcher while he heals, Austin Romine must now step up as the every day catcher, and Vidal Nuno must take Pettitte’s spot as a starter while he recuperates as well.

Hopefully these measures taken work out as well as the previous ones, though I can’t help worrying that this good luck will end and the Yankees will start to look like the DL-ridden team they are.

Luckily, players are returning soon from the 15-Day DL and Teixeira will likely be back by early June, but one more injury, and it might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


Holly Berkowitz is a New York Yankees writer for Follow her on Twitter @hollyberry9118.

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