Oakland Athletics infielder Jed Lowrie Should Make the AL All-Star Game

By David Miller
jed lowrie athletics
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Jed Lowrie has been everything that the Oakland Athletics could want and more from a shortstop or infielder. The trade that brought him in from the Houston Astros was a stroke of easy genius and Lowrie is paying dividends regularly with his play both offensively and defensively. The official site for the A’s has a push going to get Lowrie noticed for selection to the all-star team of the American League and he should make the team. But he won’t.

I honestly hope Lowrie makes the team. I think he deserves to be on the team but the problem is that so do many other shortstops in the AL. Honestly he isn’t far behind stat wise but I think he is far enough behind that the ones in front of him like J.J. Hardy and Asdrubal Cabrera will likely get the votes. It is possible that if Lowrie gets some more stats going in his direction that he might climb in front of those guys but in all honestly the stats aren’t the problem.

Lowrie  doesn’t make the news a lot. He doesn’t get special articles on MLB official or on the other big sites. There are no one on one’s about how well he is performing because it is solid but it isn’t sensational. He does all they could want of him but he isn’t flashy. That should not matter in the game of baseball but it does matter to the people voting for the all-star game. Unfortunately there will be someone voted onto the team that isn’t in the top five of any stat category. That’s just the way it is. Even if Lowrie doesn’t make it, he should. That is at least one thing to go on I guess.

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