Pittsburgh Pirates Hanging Around in National League Central

By David Miller
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Is this the year the Pittsburgh Pirates go all the way? Is it the year they go to the World Series again or at least win the division? That is hard to tell right now but what they definitely are is better than they were a year ago. They might be a few games out of first place for the next two months but even then they would still be better than they were last season. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the National League Central and unlike the fade last year, they aren’t going anywhere.

I heard a Pirates broadcaster mention something interesting the other day and I think it speaks to the change that is happening in Pittsburgh. He said that the whispers around baseball for the past few years have been that if you stick close enough to them they will eventually give up the game or even the season. Though it might have been true at one time, the broadcaster suggested, it was not true anymore. It has been turned around.

Now the Pirates are the team that is coming from behind to win games instead of giving them up at the end of the game. Instead of being heartbroken at the end of the game, they are the ones that are breaking the hearts of their opponents. The question is will that carry over from games into the race for the NL Central division crown?

I think it seems fairly obvious that they will have a better chance to carry the division if they win more games. Look for the Pirates to continue reversing trends this season. Where they gave up the lead in the Central late last year, this year they just might wait until late to take it.

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