Carlos Pena Has Been Downright Terrible for Houston Astros

By Cody Williams
Carlos Pena Houston Astros
Rick Osentoski – USA Today Sports Images

The Houston Astros are a bad Major League Baseball team. That’s straight-forward, but it’s simply the truth. That can be blamed on poor organizational management or can be blamed on the team’s move to the American League this season. Regardless of the reason, though, they are one of the worst teams in the big leagues, which their 12-32 record reflects.

There aren’t many things that the Astros do well. Their starting pitching has been atrocious. Their bullpen has been shaky, at best. Their bats outside of a breakout season from Jose Altuve have been silent, as well. However, possibly the biggest disappointment at the plate this season has been their first baseman, Carlos Pena.

In 43 games, Pena has been awful. He has just a .227 batting average, only a .339 OBP, and a poor .787 OPS. He’s also added just three home runs, 22 RBIs, and has scored just 10 runs this season. He’s been worse than unreliable this season, but he has also started all but one game for Houston simply because they don’t have any better options.

Pena hasn’t been great over his previous three seasons where he hit .196, .225 and .197 respectively. However, he’s always been a semi-reliable source of power, hitting 28 or more home runs for five consecutive seasons until last year when he hit 19. Even that has disappeared for Pena, though, as he’s on pace to hit just 12 this season.

The Astros have a ton of issues and that’s apparent when you watch them play. They are going to the worst team in the AL and will be fighting with the Miami Marlins for the dubious honor of worst team in the majors. However, they need to at least bring up a prospect to replace Pena, because that’s just how bad he has been this year.

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