Pittsburgh Pirates Starter Jeff Locke is a Superstar in the Making

By David Miller
jeff locke
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a Pittsburgh Pirates fan reading this then you are probably feeling pretty good about your season so far. I think Pirates fans definitely have a lot to be pumped up about but probably nothing is more promising than the pitching potential they have coming up. Before you even think about the boys in the minors headed towards the majors, think first about Jeff Locke. Locke continues to impress with his stuff almost every time out and is showing superstar potential.

He has been gotten to in a few games this year. Twice he has given up three runs and twice he has given up four. The other five starts have all seen Locke give up either one or zero runs while going six or seven innings in most. When you look at his highlights it isn’t difficult to realize why he is having such success. I was going to watch more footage but his breaking ball started to make my stomach hurt it broke so sharply.

Major league hitters are famous for hitting fastballs a long ways but most of them do fairly well with a breaking ball. When you see the big boys flailing away at a breaking ball all game long, it is a great one. Such is the case with Locke’s nasty stuff. With any breaking stuff early in a career he has to get full control over it and really master it all of the time. He is right there folks. I’m telling you this guy, if he stays healthy which I pray he does, is going to be some kind of great story over the next five years.

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