Kansas City Royals Continue to Slide Away from First Place

By David Miller
kansas city royals
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t that long ago that the Kansas City Royals were riding high in first place and looked like one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. Now they look like a mediocre team at best as they have struggled in May and continue to do so. They are losing games so well it looks like they enjoy it. Seriously they are running away from first place so fast it makes you worry about the Cleveland Indians.

The problem seems to be that they keep scoring fewer runs than the other team. Okay, I’ll be serious. There are regular contributors to the Royals that are slumping here and there but that isn’t the real issue right now. The actual problem is actually the great play of the Indians. If the division had not been taken over by the Indians, the Royals wouldn’t be but a few games out.

That isn’t to say they aren’t struggling because they are. They aren’t getting the big hits when they need them but mainly it seems to be just a normal slump. In all likelihood they will come out of this slump the same way they went into it. They’ll still be a contender as long as it doesn’t last that long. Worst come to worst and the Indians completely run away with it, they still will have the wildcard because they have decent hitting and really good pitching. That is all they will need to remain in some race for the remainder of the season.

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