Matt Garza Returns to Mound for Chicago Cubs

By Stephanie Lynn
Daniel Shirley-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the day.

Today is the long-awaited day for Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza to return to the mound after spending almost an entire year on the disabled list.

The right-hander spent the second half of the 2012 season on the disabled list and re-injured himself this year at the beginning of Spring Training. After several weeks of minor league rehab, Garza is ready to make his big league return against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The question is, can he deliver?

Cubs’ manager Dale Sveum told that Garza will be nervous during his first game back, and rightfully so:

“You always worry about that with anybody, because I don’t care what you say, it’s different when 40,000 people are in the stands and you have third decks on the stadiums.”

But does that mean he can’t pitch a good game? Absolutely not.

If we’re going to be honest about the situation, Garza’s first start back in the majors probably won’t be his best. He hasn’t played a big league game in 10 months and has spent a lot of time nursing an injured shoulder. This game will also heavily rely on the weak Cubs’ bullpen, as Sveum plans to pull Garza from the game after 85-90 pitches.

How will this game go for Garza and the Cubs? The odds don’t seem to be in favor for Chicago, considering Pittsburgh has a startling record of 26-18. But if Garza can’t pull off a win for the Cubs, there’s no need to get upset. Let’s give him some time to get used to pitching again and hopefully, we’ll have yet another stunning starting pitcher to add to this rotation.

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