Evan Gattis Playing Unbelievable Baseball for Atlanta Braves

By David Miller
evan gattis Braves
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Who all remembers the time when Evan Gattis was a long shot to make the Atlanta Braves roster? Hmm? Show of hands? Well it wasn’t that long ago actually. One year ago the slugging catcher was just beginning to show that he had turned a major corner with his ability to slam baseballs out of the yard. The story of how that progressed has been covered. You’ve read the stories I’m sure of how he went from small time jobs to now being the clutch star of the Braves team. I even penned one myself around the first part of spring training. Take a look by clicking here.

One thing that has been overshadowed by his tremendous bat ability is that even after they knew he could hit very well, he was thought to be a defensive liability. The fact that some of you are surprised by that goes to show how far Gattis has come in that area of his career as well. This guy just got it together I guess. I can’t imagine someone could point to anything negative he did to get such a positive turn around in his life and career. After all nothing but hard work and dedication will get you better on defense.

Now he is the go-to guy when the game is on the line. This man has four homers that have tied the game or put the Braves ahead. It’s is actually a big wow moment for all of baseball. No one else even has more than two such homers. Gattis second on the team in homers and third in RBI and he doesn’t even play every day. Spin a little John Lennon real fast and imagine all the damage this guy could do if he is the everyday catcher next year. Imagine all the pitchers dreading Gattis’ bat. If you sing that last sentence to the music it would actually fit. Just saying.

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