Hey Bud Selig, Can You Fire Angel Hernandez Already?

By Bryan Lutz
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Ed Szczepanski – USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for Bud Selig to call in the “Bobs” from Office Space and send umpire Angel Hernandez packing after blowing another crucial call in the Chicago White SoxMiami Marlins game tonight.

The game was in extra innings when the red-hot Alex Rios was batting with the bases loaded and one out. For some reason, the Marlins elected to play their middle infielders halfway, which would mean they would have to turn a 6-4-3 or 4-6-3 double play if they were to turn two on the speedy Rios.

Well, as fate would have it, Rios did ground out to the shortstop. However, it was a slow developing play, which allowed Rios to beat the play, winning the ballgame for the White Sox. Well, at least that’s what everyone in the world that was watching this game thought, unless your name is Angel Hernandez.

Hernandez, without hesitation, punched Rios out, causing Hawk Harrelson to absolutely lose his — well, you know what. Hawk kept screaming “No! No! No!” as if Angel put down his ailing dog. While Hawk’s tantrum was childish, it couldn’t have been more justified.

Angel Hernandez is the absolute worst umpire/referee in professional sports. I mean, it’s not even close at this point.

In case you may have forgotten, Hernandez was the umpire that ruled the Oakland Athletics did not hit a home run against the Cleveland Indians when the ball clearly hit above the yellow line a few weeks back. He’s also the same umpire who has been in the center of countless bad decisions. But he won’t be fired — heck, he won’t even be fined for being crappy at his job.

I seriously want to know how this man continues to keep his job. I’m not saying I want to know as in a figure of speech, either. I sincerely want to know why this man is still employed by Major League BaseballI want Selig to release a statement on why they continue to employ this man even though he continues to show how truly incompetent he truly is.

So, Bud, please do the baseball world the favor and give Angel Hernandez the boot.

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