Kansas City Royals Slide Downward Continues in Loss to Angels

By David Miller
billy butler royals
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

My how times change. Just about a month ago the Kansas City Royals were sitting strong on top of the American League Central and now they are diving downward into the depths of the division. Okay they are still only five games out but recently their off streak has looked more like a downward spiral. They lose a series to the Houston Astros and are only 3 – 7 in their last ten going into the Friday night game against the Los Angeles Angels which they also lost.

It’s easy to point to general places in times like this but the fact of the matter is the Royals just aren’t getting the contributions offensively right now. Lorenzo Cain only has 22 RBI when I thought he would certainly have more by now. Any time Billy Butler goes through a bit of a slump the Royals feel it big time. The biggest thing right now is that they are beginning to look like a team that gets other struggling teams going.

The Astros won a series against them and then continued good play. For now they are far from out of it but considering how well the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers are playing they will be soon if they don’t get some winning done fast. Both of the top teams have shown signs of being made up of humans recently so there is that chance for the Royals to hang around. They should get things going eventually and one thing you would hate is for them to be double digit games behind by the time they get everything back on the winning path.

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